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Simulation (SIM) Lab A Success!

Simulation (SIM) Lab A Success!

For almost a year, staff of MHC and Health Sciences North (HSN) have been planning back and forth to try and bring the Simulation Lab (SIM) out from its permanent home and trial it on an outreach basis here at MHC. Thank you to the many folks who helped organize the logistics of such an event. The leadership provided by Clinical Nurse Educator, Karl Cheung and Chief of Staff, Dr. Stephen Cooper were instrumental.

Through the partnership created, which has involved HSN, MHC, Health Sciences North Research Institute (HSNRI), and the Local Education Group (LEG) of the Northern Ontario School of Medicine, we were able to make this goal a reality on May 26 & 27, 2018. Funding to support the event came from MHC (50%), HSNRI (25%), and LEG (25%).

This team-based simulation of clinical scenarios is an excellent way to grow the competencies and confidence of our care givers. MHC hopes to build upon this in the years to come, both through in-house opportunities and those involving other partners.

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