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Safe Culture
Creating a Culture focused on SAFETY : Safe Care for Patients/Safe Workplace for Staff

To view the MHC’s Patient Safety Plan, please click on the link below:

Download: MHC 2018-2020 Patient Safety Plan-Updated May 2018

Who is responsible for safety? …Each and Every One of US!

Each of us creates the workplace we call MHC…

We all `OWN` our Culture :

Ask. Learn. Talk about it… be INVOLVED! Contribute in a Positive way.

Why should we care about our Culture?

– We want safety to be at the centre of all we do, protecting our patients and staff.

– Thousands of errors occur each year in Canadian Hospitals, many are harmful to patients, some are fatal and most are preventable.

– Many workers are injured each year on the job – we want to prevent this at MHC Patients want their care to be safe and we all want to work in a safe environment.

– Safety depends on communication.

– Communication depends on trust.

– We all want to feel valued.

– We want to be able to recruit and retain employees to MHC.

– We want a sense of enjoyment and satisfaction from our efforts.

– Help create a Culture focused on Safety…

– We can only do it together: We all `OWN` our Culture…

Does MHC Care about Safety? You bet we do!

Preventing incidents, reporting errors, working safely and effectively, contributing to an open, friendly & supportive working environment…

That is Job #1. We all `OWN` our Culture We build it, together…

What can I do? How can I make a difference?

– Know your work processes.

– Communicate in a positive and friendly manner.

– Listen to Patients and respond.

– Observe, be alert, act.

– Work with your Joint Health & Safety Committee.

– Report unsafe conditions to your Supervisor.

– Talk about errors with your peers.

– Be part of the improvement cycle.

– Share your knowledge with less experienced peers.

– Work well with others.

– Care and Make a Difference!

Help create a Culture focused on Safety…

We can only do it together: We all `OWN` our Culture…